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Hunter And Joe’s College Admissions Scandal?

We thought that using one’s influence and money to get someone into college was illegal and could even get you sent to jail. Just ask Felicity Huffman.

But then there are the Biden’s…

In 2017, Jonathan Li sent an email regarding a college recommendation letter to Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s long-time associate. Hunter asked him to forward a copy of this letter to Schwerin and stated that the letter was written by the former Vice President for Li’s son’s application to Brown University.

Jonathan Li was one of Hunter Biden’s original partners in facilitating the BHR Chinese equity deal. This seems to be an explicit favor by Vice President Biden for a business partner of Hunter Biden’s.

To this day, Joe Biden claims that he never discussed business with his son. This assertion proves difficult to believe considering that Joe wrote a recommendation letter for one of his son’s most prominent business partners. In addition to this, according to Peter Schweizer’s Red-Handed, Hunter also admitted that he introduced his father to Li in the lobby of their hotel on a 2013 trip to China.

This email further indicates the close relationship between Hunter Biden and his businesses with his father, Joe Biden.

For more on GAI’s ongoing investigation into the Hunter Biden laptop, click here:

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