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IEA Admits Net Zero Costs A Fortune – And Hasn’t Worked at All Yet

The International Energy Administration has put out a propaganda report called “Net Zero Roadmap” – full of half-truths on climate change. It estimates that the globe is spending $1.8 trillion this year on “clean energy,” and celebrates that we are right on pace to reach net zero emissions (NZE) in the decades ahead. It editorializes that “the case for NZE is stronger than ever.”

But as we’ve shown on these pages previously, the world has consumed more oil and gas in 2023 than in any other year in history. That’s some “progress.”

The IEA’s own chart shows emissions rising steadily since 2010 in developing countries despite trillions spent. This is progress? The chart below shows that the IEA magically assumes that starting next year emissions will plunge.

This will supposedly happen if rich countries as well as poor spend $4.5 trillion a year.

How big a dent could $4.5 trillion make if that money was used toward disease, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and deprivation everywhere in the world? Instead, the world leaders say we need to cover the planet with windmills. And all of this to mitigate the rise in global temperatures by a fraction of a degree in 50 to 100 years.

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