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If Not for Double Standards, Democrats Would Have No Standards at All

We are in no way apologists for the disgraced liar George Santos, but here’s some food for thought from CTUP board member John Childs:

Santos was expelled essentially for lying on his resume.  He made false claims about his academic achievements (plagiarized Biden?) and his work experience, a phantom job at Goldman Sachs.

Elizabeth Warren lied on her resume claiming Native American ancestry. This opened a lot more doors than a fictitious tour at Goldman Sachs.  But she’s still in the Senate.

Adam Schiff was outed lying frequently about important matters of state. He never apologized, never explained, and was never expelled.

Eric Swalwell succumbed to yellow fever and slept with an admittedly irresistible Chinese spy. Yet Nancy Pelosi didn’t even kick him off the House Intelligence Committee, let alone call for his expulsion.

Senator Menendez has been credibly accused of assisting a constituent and foreign government in exchange for large sums of money and, hedging the dollar’s demise, some gold bars. Yet so far nary a word about removal except from Senator Fetterman, the emerging court jester of the Democratic Party.

We would add to the hypocrisy train that Joe Biden illegally stored confidential/classified national security documents in his garage and yet the Democrats are shouting “Four More Years.”

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