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If the Left Is Fighting a War Against Fossil Fuels – They’re Losing

Hundreds of billions of dollars spent and wasted over the past decade by the green energy monster to end fossil fuels and virtually NO progress. Last year 83% of all global energy came from old-fashioned oil, gas, and coal. Total use hit an all-time record.

Meanwhile, the latest data on carbon emissions show giant increases. The only country that’s making any “progress” in reducing real air pollution is the USA. (By the way, this chart from JP Morgan is a classic case of how to lie with numbers. The chart makes it appear that fossil fuel use is falling like a rock, but it’s only an illusion based on the phony scale used). But the chart does show that carbon emissions are still soaring.

So what is the left’s solution to this epic policy flop? Instead of spending hundreds of billions a year, the globalists at the United Nations say we need to spend trillions. Who do they think they are? Doctor Evil?


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