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If You Read the Hotline, You Must Be a Racist

Not really, but that’s only because the professional race hustlers in American higher education – especially in the Ivy Leagues – haven’t got us in their sights yet as we on a daily basis lampoon progressive ideology.

How bad has liberal sanctimony gotten on college campuses? Our friends at The College Fix have compiled a list of 71 things this year that were declared racist or in need of “anti-racist” action.

Here is a sample of the idiocy, but we recommend reading the entire list:

      • Not wearing a mask
      • Robert E. Lee’s horse
      • Black Communist who liked white composers
      • Senator Tim Scott
      • Clean pantries
      • Body Mass Index
      • Students at Michigan Technological University for putting up a fake Berlin Wall
      • Botanical gardens
      • White paper
      • Having to read “To Kill A Mockingbird”
      • Admissions essay word limit

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