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Illinois Legislators Vote for Higher Taxes So They Can Give Themselves a Raise

Illinois is one of the highest tax states. And it ranks 48th out of the 50 states in economic competitiveness according to the latest ALEC Rich States Poor States ratings.

So Governor “Putzker” and the Democrats in Springfield are doing all they can to make Illinois number 50 in 2024.

The latest state budget of $53 billion is the largest in state history and includes $800 million in higher taxes. Incredibly, at the same time the Democrats are asking Illinois taxpayers to pay more, they had the audacity to vote themselves a huge pay raise – apparently as a reward for all the wonderful work they are doing.

At some point this once-economically-dominant state in the Midwest is going to financially implode. And when that happens, they will come begging for bailout money from Washington. We would hope that a President Trump would tell Pritzker to metaphorically “drop dead.”

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