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Illinois Looks Under a Rock and Finds Another 46,000 People

We’ve cast serious doubts on the accuracy of the 2020 Census count in many blue states. The population numbers far exceed the annual Census population estimates, data on home sales, moving van destinations, IRS tax returns, and other measures of movements between states.

Illinois should have probably lost another congressional seat as should have New York. Just as the left used the COVID pandemic in 2020 to change long-established voting rules, they used the virus to change the way the Census was conducted.  There is good reason to suspect that the counting errors cost the red states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona as many as three to four congressional seats.

So our jaws dropped open when we read this headline from the Chicago Tribune:

State officials claimed that there were far more people than originally counted who live in shelters, government-assisted housing, in prison, or are homeless.

You wouldn’t think a state would want to boast about these high numbers of indigents and criminals. But Governor J.B. Pritzker is celebrating that this recount will bring tens of millions more federal welfare dollars to his state.

None of this changes the sad reality of Illinois: the state is rapidly losing its most productive citizens – no matter what Census bean counters say.

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