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In The End Sweden Did It Right

Sweden scrapped almost all of its COVID-19 restrictions this month.

We at CTUP have from the start trumpeted Sweden’s commonsense approach to the pandemic with no lockdowns.

Back in 2020 when Anders Tignell, Sweden’s state epidemiologist eschewed lockdowns, he was pilloried by the international media for not following “the science.” By this the critics meant the “mad modelers” like Britain’s Imperial College team, which predicted with their doomsday study multiple times the number of deaths than actually occurred. In a report only leaked later they admitted that “We do not consider the wider social and economic costs of suppression, which will be high.” But they never bothered to calculate how high.

Sweden made some mistakes for sure. The Swedes failed to protect elderly nursing home residents, which was why deaths in Sweden were higher than in neighboring Norway or Denmark. But Tignell argued that on a whole-society basis, the collateral damage of lockdowns would outweigh what good they do – and he was proven right.

Two years later, Sweden’s COVID death rate is 1,614 per million  people – much lower than Britain (2,335) or the U.S. (2,836).

Sweden’s approach saved its economy. This year it’s projected to be 5 percent larger than before the pandemic, versus a 2 percent gain for Germany and 1 percent for Britain. The level of extra debt Sweden has had to take on is a fraction of that in lockdown countries.

Swedish schools stayed open with no face masks. Test scores are up, and there is no talk in Sweden about “lost” years of education.

Politicians in America and around the world should be held accountable for their deadly decisions to lock down their economies rather than adopt the Sweden model of freedom.


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