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In Wisconsin Unions Sue To Kill Labor Reforms That Saved Taxpayers $16.8 Billion

As expected, the unions have filed yet another lawsuit challenging Scott Walker’s epic 2010 collective Bargaining reforms, Act 10. This was the law that curtailed collective bargaining by public sector unions. Unions are now arguing that because police and fire unions retained collective bargaining it violated state equal protection.

The MacIver Institute has tallied the savings to taxpayers since Act 10 was passed:

We have to give the union bosses credit: they don’t give up. The law has been upheld many times in state and federal courts before, but the Democrats now have a 4-3 partisan majority on the state Supreme Court thanks to the election earlier this year of Janet Protasiewicz.

Protasiewicz said on the campaign trail that Act 10 is unconstitutional, and even though she participated in the left-wing riots opposing the law and signed the Walker recall petition, she would not commit to recusal, saying only that she would “consider it.”

Republicans control the legislature and have suggested they might consider a judge refusing to recuse after openly prejudging a case to be an impeachable offense.

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