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International Climate Change Deals Only Make the Poor Poorer

Congrats to South Africa’s electricity minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa for his courage in breaking ranks with his own government (and almost all the intellectual elites from around the world) on climate change craziness. He stated that the new climate change agreement with wealthy countries will be a disaster for his country – causing power blackouts and energy shortages. He denounced Western attempts to turn South Africa into a “guinea pig” for the worldwide Green New Deal.

Minister Ramokgopa says the $8.5 billion agreement to limit South Africa’s fossil fuel use will force him to close needed coal-fired power plants and try to convert them to uncertain renewable energy. He added that the recent shutdown of the Komati nuclear plant was a mistake: “We closed a power station which was the best-performing power station at the time that we closed it, and because someone gave us money and said decarbonize, we are getting 217 megawatts of alternative energy, and we removed 1,000 megawatts.”

Climate change fanatics in Europe and in the Biden administration are shamelessly bribing governments in poor nations to endanger their energy sectors, impoverish their own people, and actually discourage the economic growth they so desperately need.

This is climate “justice”?

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