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IRS Leaker Gets Sweetheart Plea Deal

IRS contractor Charles Littlejohn stole Trump’s tax returns and sent them to the New York Times.

Littlejohn also stole tax returns of thousands of wealthy individuals and sent them to the liberal advocacy group ProPublicaProPublica used the stolen tax returns to produce disingenuous stories suggesting the rich underpaid taxes (because unrealized gains are not taxed) published in perfect sync with Dems pushing through their $80 billion doubling of the IRS.

He’s a criminal who has violated the privacy rights of thousands of American citizens while undermining the trust that Americans have in the IRS, which is sworn to protect the privacy rights of tax returns.

CNN reported: “The contractor’s crime affected so many individuals that prosecutors plan to create a public website to notify the victims of any developments in the case.”

But somehow he gets off with a slap on the wrist.  He pleaded to just ONE count of “disclosing tax return information without authorization”??? Who does he think he is? Hunter Biden?

Also of note: none of the major media bloodhounds that we have observed have told us anything about Mr. Littlejohn. They don’t seem interested in why and how he committed the crimes that he did. The inquiring minds in the media seem to not want to know. We strongly suspect that this is because many in the media view him as a hero.

Sentencing is set for January 29, 2024, with a maximum punishment of five years – we’ll see if he even gets that. We doubt it.

More evidence that our system of justice in America is perverted.

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