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Is It Worth It?

We know our readers are quite divided on the topic of Ukraine aid, and we are not national defense experts by any stretch of the imagination. But we do worry about the exploding federal budget and debt. So we will let you decide for yourself whether this new study from the Heritage Foundation makes you wonder whether this money has been well spent:

US Aid to Ukraine Amounts to $900 Per American Household

      • Congressionally approved aid for Ukraine has cost each U.S. household hundreds of dollars. The formal aid packages alone amount to a staggering $113 billion – roughly $900 per American household.
      • After returning from their August recess, some members of Congress want to provide more funding for Ukraine in a bill providing hurricane relief for Americans.
      • As the war in Ukraine becomes a prolonged conflict, Americans are rightly growing skeptical of sending more money and weapons from our depleted armory with no accountability

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