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Is The Fed Now Part Of The Deep State? 90% Of The Economists At The Federal Reserve With Party Affiliation Are…Democrats

With inflation at 8%+ for eight straight months, it is safe to say that the Ph.D. economists at the Fed have hardly recorded stellar performance in recent years. These are the brainiacs who assured us that inflation would be “transitory.”

Some very disturbing findings from a new study on the political affiliation of the top economists who work in the temple of the Federal Reserve or at the regional banks. While most don’t list a party affiliation, of those who do 90% are Democrats. This comes from a study in the Independent Review:

The survey of the top Fed economists finds:

The survey also found that the younger economists are more likely to be Democrats than the older PhDs at the Fed. In other words, the big-government bias at the Fed is getting worse, not better.

The study also reviewed speeches and writings of Fed board members and economists and came to this troubling conclusion:

“Research and speeches by the Fed economists are increasingly focusing on climate change, gender, race, and inequality.” Gee, that sounds a lot like the Biden economic playbook that has now infiltrated our Central Bank.

So let us get this straight: the Fed can’t stop inflation, but they CAN change the earth’s temperature.

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