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It’s An Election Year, So Biden Gives Federal Workers a Big Bonus

Give this to President Biden – he takes care of his base.

The 3 million federal workers just got their biggest salary hike in 40 years, with base pay going up 5.2% across the board. Some will get an even bigger raise because of changes in the locality pay system. Social security recipients are only getting a 3.2% cost-of-living increase.

You’d think with fat pay hikes like this Uncle Sam would be rolling in dough, instead of running a near-$2 trillion deficit.

A lot of this money to the unionized federal bureaucrats will flow right back into Biden’s campaign coffers.

The website FedSmith reports that in the 2020 election, only 21% of federal employee campaign donation dollars went to Republicans. Every federal employee union-backed Biden.

The government unions argue that without significant pay raises, federal workers would leave their jobs. But that’s a myth. Voluntary departures from federal service are only one-quarter as high as in the private sector. Maybe that’s because their benefits $44,000 in 2021 are roughly three times as those for comparable private workers who get $13,500 in yearly benefits. That doesn’t take into account that, unlike private workers, most federal employees have the equivalent of lifetime tenure – regardless of how poorly they perform.

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