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It’s More Expensive To Keep the Lights on in Blue States

Yet another reason that blue states are becoming unlivable: expensive renewable energy standards drive up the cost of heating a home, powering a factory, or running a business.

The Department of Energy just released the most recent average retail prices of electricity in the 50 states and DC.

Most blue states are paying at least 50% more (and sometimes twice as much) for power than the red states. It’s another reason people and businesses are leaving blue states. Our advice is states should either abolish renewable requirements OR count natural gas, hydropower, and nuclear as clean energy – which they are.

Washington State is a blue state with very low power costs. How did they do it? Washington gets more of its energy from hydropower than almost any other state.

Want more green energy? We need more dams! Oh yeah, we forgot. The greens are against that too!


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