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Jill Biden Turns Cover Girl Yet Again

Vogue magazine has just released its THIRD cover story on Jill Biden in just the last three years.  This time in a $4,990 Ralph Lauren dress. Melania Trump never appeared on this or virtually ANY woman’s magazine cover. Maybe it’s because Melania speaks with a foreign accent.

In the article, she likens herself to something of an American Eva Perón: “We will decide our future.”

The slobbering article notes: “She’s fighting so hard for him to get a second term because there are things they’ve got left on the agenda.”

We suspect that Jill is running the show in the White House.  She’s the one clinging to power and most responsible for the elder abuse.

Who does she think she is? Edith Wilson, wife of President Woodrow Wilson? That is the woman who functionally ran the White House for a year in 1920 after the President suffered a severe stroke.

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