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Joe and the Democratic Volcano

Let’s see if we’ve got this straight.

The Progressive machine blatantly lied to the American people for at least two years – and probably four (remember these are the people that kept him locked in the basement in 2020) about the state of Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Then they assured millions of voters in this year’s primaries that Biden was A-OK and urged them to vote for Biden as the Democratic nominee.

Then they chased out of the presidential primary anyone who dared question Joe’s mental health.

Then they disparaged a prosecutor who, earlier this year, declared Biden too mentally impaired and suffering from a “a poor memory” to be prosecuted for hiding classified documents. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff attacked the prosecutor for being “blatantly political.”

Then when foreign leaders expressed concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities last month, they assured us everything was fine and Joe was “just tired.”

Then after voters saw first-hand during the Trump debate that there’s nobody home inside Joe’s head, and that they’d been lied to, the Democratic leaders realized the jig was up.

They looked in horror at Biden’s crashing poll numbers and unilaterally decided that it didn’t matter that Joe won the nomination fair and square at the ballot box through the ” Democratic process.” They would override the millions of primary voters and handpick someone else. That someone, whomever it may be, hasn’t received a single vote.

And the supreme irony is that these scoundrels are the very same liberal operatives who accuse TRUMP of being a “danger to democracy.”

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