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John Kerry Strikes Out Again

John Kerry is burnishing his credentials as the world’s most overrated man. He has resigned as Climate Ambassador to a key advisory position in the Biden reelection campaign team. After three years and billions of climate dollars spent, an office with more than 40 federal bureaucrats, and an agenda that jetted Kerry and his minions around the planet spewing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to attend global warming conferences, and daily bloviated warnings that the end is near, what did Kerry deliver? Hmm. Let’s see.


Despite all the self-congratulations, the routinely-violated hand-shake treaties committing nations to emission reductions, China and India are committed to doing exactly the opposite: massively INCREASING their greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022 and 2023 global use of fossil fuels rose to their highest levels in history. Kerry promised the opposite.

As for the vaunted transition to solar and wind power – sorry it isn’t happening. This chart from the WSJ shows that investments in renewable energy got crashed in 2023 — with 20 to 40% losses — despite all the tax dollars pipelined into wind and solar.

With a keystone cops record like this, Kerry is perfect for the Biden campaign.

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