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Jubilation!! Alabama Becomes an Education Freedom State

This headline says it all about this landmark school choice victory:

The House and Senate in Montgomery have now passed the $7,000 education scholarship bill to help parents pay for private schools. The dollars will follow the students. Governor Kay Ivey promises to sign the bill in a matter of days. This will be the 11th state to pass school choice in the last two years – many of them in the South.

On Tuesday CTUP’s Steve Moore and representatives from ALEC traveled to Montgomery, Alabama to educate in the state capital about school choice.

They met with the Lt. Governor and spoke at the GOP’s Senate caucus afternoon meeting on the virtues of school choice for parents. They reminded the Senators that school choice leads to more educational options for parents – while helping improve the public schools by requiring them to compete for students.

One disappointment from the Senate debate. Democrats voted as a bloc against the bill – even though it is the families in the lowest income districts that will benefit the most. An outrageous charge was made by some of the legislators that this was an attempt to “re-segregate the schools.” Virtually everywhere in the country where school choice has been put into law, segregation has gone DOWN and racial integration has gone UP.

The Berlin Wall surrounding government schools and restricting students’ access to better schools is falling all over red-state America. For now, Democrats are too tied to the teacher unions to push meaningful education freedom options over the goal line.

We’re just getting started. Next up: Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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