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Julie Su’s Nomination Failed – But She Is Still on the Job

Biden’s radical Acting Secretary of Labor, Julie Su is a disaster. As Labor Secretary in California, she was the force behind the AB5 law in California that reclassified independent contractors as employees so the unions could force them to pay dues. She was behind super-minimum wage rules in CA for fast-food restaurant workers. She is a lead supporter of Biden’s plan to cancel right-to-work laws in 26 states.

Thankfully, she is never going to be confirmed, with Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema now publicly opposed and several other Democrats almost certainly hiding behind them.

But that doesn’t mean she’s leaving the job any time soon.

Fortunately, Su’s old nemesis from California Rep. Kevin Kiley is fighting back:

A lawsuit is coming. We also have a plan to use the power of the purse to dislodge Su from her illegal post.

We’re using the same strategy to prevent the nationalization of AB 5, one of Newsom’s most odious “model” policies. In the Appropriations bill, I’ve secured an amendment directing “no funds may be made available” to enforce Biden/Su’s order attacking independent contractors.

This is a blatant abuse of power by the White House and an override of the Senate’s advice and consent powers. The House GOP majority should use the power of the purse to check Biden’s abuses and send Su back to wacky California where she belongs.

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