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Just In Time For 2024: More Election Shenanigans In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was a hotspot of chaos and chicanery during the 2020 presidential election. Allies of Donald Trump exaggerated some of the problems but they were right to cry foul when Pennsylvania’s liberal Supreme Court reversed long-standing voter integrity procedures and allowed ballots to be counted if they were received up to three days after Election Day.

Ballots without a postmark would “be presumed to have been mailed by Election Day” unless there was strong evidence to the contrary. There was also the shocking revelation that tens of thousands of non-citizens had been added to Pennsylvania’s voter rolls due to mistakes by the state’s driver’s license agency. Pedro Cortes, the sitting Secretary of State, was forced to resign over the issue.

Rather than clean up the state’s voter rolls, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro made things worse this week by issuing an executive order imposing the scam of “automatic voter registration” (AVR) statewide. Customers at the same DMV offices that added non-citizens to voter rolls in prior years will be automatically added now unless they refuse to be included.

Pennsylvania joins almost two dozen states — almost all of them Blue — that have automatic registration. People are automatically added to the rolls whenever they have contact with certain state agencies, including unemployment offices and welfare agencies. Sign up for food stamps and the government gives you a ballot

Given the election mishaps in 2020 in Pennsylvania, we would have hoped Governor Shapiro would advance protections to ensure a squeaky-clean election process next year. Instead, PA Dems are doubling down on voting procedures that invite mischief and fraud.

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