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Kids Win! In Texas Elections Teacher Unions Suffer Worst Ballot Box Blowout Ever!

This glorious headline from the Texas Tribune tells the whole story.

This rout of anti-choice incumbent Republicans in yesterday’s runoff elections might be the most momentous victory for educational choice in American history.

Congratulations to Governor Greg Abbott who backed a slate of Republican challengers in the State House running against incumbents who had voted to kill his signature bill to establish universal education savings accounts.  It was a gutsy move and it worked magnificently.

In all nine anti-choice Republicans were sent packing in the March primary.  Last night, the job was finished as six of the eight GOP House members who were forced into runoffs were defeated.

Here are the overall results:

Abbott, who calls universal education freedom his “legacy,” said last night he “now has enough votes to pass school choice.”  He will still have to work with Dade Phelan, the powerful Texas House Speaker who has often cooperated with Democrats in slowing down school choice. But Phelan only won renomination last night by just one percent of the vote, and after the defeat of 15 of his colleagues he will likely realize school choice is an idea whose time has come.

Teachers unions and other lobbyists spent millions to stop the rebel forces.  Several of the defeated anti-choice Republicans were caught in illegal electioneering such as begging school administrators to turn their staff out to vote in the GOP primary.  Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued more than one school district for illegal interventions in the election.

Attorneys general in other states should be encouraged to blow the whistle on such blatant violations.

How big a victory is this for parental choice?

The Texas bill could positively affect as many as 3 million kids.  Everything’s big in Texas.

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