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Latinos Are the Primary Victim of Radical Climate Change Policies

A new report on Latinos in California by Chapman University Center for Demographics and Policy, finds that many Latinos work in what report prime author Soledad Ursua labels “the carbon economy.”

They are employed in factories, logistics, agriculture, and construction, all fields that are now declining or stagnating in the state. Much of this can be traced to the state’s draconian climate policies, which work against any field where reliable, affordable energy is a prerequisite.

Under the deep blue (or should we say green) Newsom regime, the steps up the ladder to the middle class are being sawed off.

Latino home ownership is stifled by high housing prices, another product of the Golden State’s climate and regulatory policies. Again the state comparisons are brutal.

Latino homeownership rates are 59.2% in Texas, 55.4% in Florida, and over 70% in New Mexico. California, on the other hand, posted a Latino or Hispanic homeownership rate of 45 percent, 41st nationwide.

Latino voters don’t care about climate change – which is the sandbox of the ultra-rich. Liberals have lost touch with one of their primary constituencies.

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