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Leaked Memo Proves Biden Admin Intended to Ban Gas Stoves -– And They Lied About It

Remember when the Biden White House attacked The Committee to Unleash Prosperity and other groups liked ours for reporting on their looney idea of banning gas stoves? “There go those right-wing conspiracy theorists,” was the spin from the Biden press office and a compliant media.

The supposed “newspaper of record” – The New York Times – scoffed at CTUP and others with an article entitled:

And then there was this charming article from Politico:

Ahem, actually, yes, they WERE proposing a ban. And we have come across a leaked copy of the memo from Biden Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr., which proves it. The memo, which the Biden admin tried to keep top secret, concludes:

That sounds awfully definitive to us. So, yes, the wacko greens who populate the Biden administration really did lie. But now that the lie has been exposed, there has been no apology from the Biden press office, Richard Trumka, or the New York Times, and no retraction from Politico.

Question: do any of these people EVER tell the truth?

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