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Let ‘Em in, Let ‘Em Vote

Oh, now we get why Liberals don’t want to control the border. They think the 6 to 8 million illegal migrants will vote for them.

Yesterday, House Republicans got Democrats on the record for or against the growing movement to allow non-U.S. citizens to vote in local elections.

We’ve noted that several cities from San Francisco to New York have recently sought to allow non-citizens the right to vote, claiming they deserve to participate in decision-making. Starting this year, Washington D.C. will allow ANY adult who has been a resident for 30 days and claims they don’t vote anywhere else, to vote in local elections. That includes illegal immigrants.

A federal court upheld the law in March, leading Republicans to move against it. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the D.C. Delegate blasted the bill’s sponsors as “paternalistic,” but seven members of the Congressional Black Caucus – including Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois – disagreed with her and supported it. A total of 52 out of 212 Democrats voted against the leadership of their party on the issue.

In all, 143 House Democrats voted NOT TO OVERTURN the DC law.  Here is the list of shame in alphabetical order:

Summarizing the academic literature, the website Just The Facts concluded this year that:

      • non-citizens have ample openings to illegally vote.
      • roughly 10% to 27% of them are registered to vote.
      • about 5% to 13% of them vote in presidential elections.

While it is illegal for all non-citizens to vote in federal elections, enforcement is variable at best. Does anyone believe that in Philadelphia, Detroit, or Milwaukee there aren’t precincts that are sometimes 90% Democrat where illegals aren’t voting? If only 10% of the illegal immigrants in swing states are voting, this could decide the election – for the left.

Can you think of a greater “danger to our democracy?”

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