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Liberal Columnist Explains Why Trump Was Better on Economy

From a column by Edward Luce, US National Editor for the Financial Times:

Under Trump, US blue-collar wage growth beat inflation for the first time in years. Under Biden they have fallen in real terms. This is why barely a third of Americans approve of Biden’s economic record. It is also partly why only a third of African-Americans — an overwhelmingly pro-Democratic bloc — say that Biden’s policies have helped black people…..

There are two points on which Biden has let himself down. The first was his too large stimulus of $1.9 trillion shortly after he took office. That undoubtedly fed inflation. There is nothing he can do about that now. The second — scrapping Trump’s tariffs on a range of imports, including steel and aluminium — Biden could do with a stroke of the pen. It would take a big chunk out of inflation.

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