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Lie of the Day: Biden Inherited Inflation from Trump

That was Biden’s explanation for the lousy inflation numbers. It’s only slightly less laughable than his line that Conservatives are responsible for the border crisis.

We want to remind readers that when Trump left office the inflation rate was 1.6%. Eighteen months later we hit 9.1%.

This chart shows how preposterous the Biden claim is. Warning: These stats come from the Republican National Committee, so we can’t vouch for their exact accuracy, but we do know these numbers are in the ballpark.

Our friend Tom Del Becarro has a good explanation for the persistent Bidenflation:

“Rather than stop the trillion dollar spree after COVID receded, the federal government has continued to run trillions in deficits at the same time it is restraining output through higher regulations. As a result, the money supply is still growing faster than output AND regulations are increasing the costs of energy, jobs, and other goods and services. That is why we have inflation”

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