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Lina Kahn Versus America

The Wall Street Journal editorial page has documented how Biden’s top antitrust cop, Lina Kahn, is aiding and abetting foreign regulators that are trying to undermine American companies like Google and Apple.  Kahn thinks American tech companies are TOO globally profitable and powerful. She doesn’t want America to be number one.

As an example, Kahn keeps losing her cases in U.S. courts, so she (and other Biden regulators) is working subversively with foreign antitrust zealots to help them enforce a European Union Law called the Digital Markets Act, which is meant to dilute U.S. tech dominance.

She just did it again. Ms. Kahn has encouraged the Brits to stop a $60 billion merger of two American companies: Microsoft and Activision – which owns the wildly successful computer game Call of Duty. In the photo below, Ms. Kahn (far left) is seen conspiring with British regulator Sarah Cardell (far right) – and they aren’t talking about the King’s coronation.

Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick told CNBC that he believes that the FTC conspired with Cardell to stop the planned acquisition – an act of economic hostility against the U.S. If true, Lina Kahn should be fired immediately.

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