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Louisiana’s GOP-Controlled Senate May Punt on School Choice

What’s the matter with Republicans in Louisiana?

The GOP this year has control of the Louisiana governorship (with the recent election of Jeff Landry), the House, and the Senate, and yet the Senate is about to fumble the football two yards short of the goal line on a historic school choice bill for parents and kids.

Landry ran on supporting school choice. The House overwhelmingly passed a sweeping choice bill last month. But now the Senate – in part because of opposition from the Senate president, who is playing into the hands of the teacher unions – is blocking passage.

And how’s this for lame? The Senate is set to commission a study on the impact of educational freedom.

What is there to study? School choice has been studied up, down, and sideways and has been declared an enormous success everywhere it has been tried – from Harlem to Milwaukee.

Louisiana Governor, Jeff Landry

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