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Manchin A Hero In West Virginia

Senator Joe Manchin dealt another severe blow to BBB yesterday when he told reporters: “there is no negotiation going on at this time.” It is dead until at least the end of January – though the fight isn’t over.

Meanwhile a new poll by our friends and partners at America First Principles Institute, finds that Manchin’s approval rating has risen sharply since announcing his opposition to BBB. His approval rating went from 52% in November to 59% in December after announcing his opposition to the bill. He now has an approval rating double of that of Biden in the Mountaineer State.

And as seen below, Manchin’s “strong approval” rating almost doubled:

In the same poll, President Biden has a 66 percent DISAPPROVAL rating in West Virginia. A key reason: 69 precent now believe increasing government spending will lead to higher costs for gas and groceries.

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