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Manchin Got Rolled

Joe Manchin has been touting new oil and gas projects as part of his half trillion tax and spend deal with Chuck Schumer.

But as the Wall Street Journal reminds us, Manchin is going to get double-crossed by the climate change fanatics who now run Washington, just as Manchin double-crossed taxpayers.

Manchin was supposedly promised new oil and gas leases on public lands and streamlined permitting for all drilling, mining projects, road building, and other infrastructure projects. But the Biden administration and Nancy Pelosi will use a 1970 environmental law called “NEPA” to blockade any new fossil fuel projects. As the WSJ puts it: “without NEPA revisions, good projects will keep getting stuck in unending delays and lawsuits.”

You don’t have to believe us. Even the unions who build these projects have been pleading with Congress to end NEPA roadblocks, to no avail.

When it comes to a conflict between the green environmentalists and the blue-collar workers, the Democrats always side with the enviros.

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