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Manchin’s Permitting Bill Finally Revealed – But Will It Ever Pass?

The deal that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin struck with Dem Senate leader Chuck Schumer was always a farce. Now we have the details of the drilling portion of the deal and they only further confirm that Manchin got rolled is confirmed.

Here’s his summary:

and the bill text:

The White House endorsed the bill but the far-left is predictably throwing up roadblocks to any fossil fuel projects and especially Manchin’s pet project – the Mountain Valley Pipeline to carry natural gas between West Virginia and Virginia – is approved by the bill.

Meanwhile, the Biden EPA and the Interior Department are putting up every imaginable regulatory barrier to new gas and coal projects.

Manchin may have to threaten to shut down the government to get what he was promised – but we’re not even convinced he even wants to press his case – except when he’s in his favorite place on earth – in front of a TV camera. Manchin has proven to be a turncoat against his own state and polling in West Virginia indicates that the voters are finally on to this fraud.

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