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Many Blue States Vow To Copycat California Law To Abolish Cars With Combustion Engines

Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington have already announced their intentions to join California in banning sales of cars and trucks with internal combustion vehicles by 2035. The Economist magazine estimates as many as one-third of all states will drive their gas-powered autos over a green cliff.

Then there is Virginia. Last year – under unified Democratic control – the state under then-Gov. Ralph Northam adopted a law to automatically follow California. (How braindead does a state have to be to contract out their regulatory laws to the lefties in Sacramento?)

Fortunately, VA’s new Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has promised to do all he can to reverse that policy. Richmond Democrats still control the state Senate and they may refuse to budge. If so this issue of outlawing cars could be a referendum issue for voters in November 2023.

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