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“Marijuana” Is A Racist Term

Libertarians (including some of your Hotline editors) and liberals have fought for decades to legalize marijuana. This month, the U.S. House voted by 220-204 to decriminalize possession of marijuana on the federal level.

But now in Washington state, governor Jay Inslee has just signed into law a bill striking the “racist” word “marijuana” from all state laws. “Cannabis” will now be the required term.

Evidently “marijuana” is a “racist” term because marijuana laws have been used “to lock up black and brown people.”

The lawmakers in Seattle have even established the “Washington Task Force on Social Equity in Cannabis,” which will offer minority cannabis license applicants grants and financial assistance to get their pot business started.

Isn’t it a little racist to encourage aspring minority small business owners to go into the business of selling recreational drugs?

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