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Mark Our Words: The Government Will Soon Ban Gas Cars

We’ve sounded the alarm that the Biden Administration and the climate change alarmists who seem to have a stranglehold over the Democrat party, are moving swiftly to get rid of gas-fueled cars. This headline from the Sunday New York Times only reinforces our suspicions that abolition is the master plan:

The Times notes that these rules “would be intended to ensure that electric cars represent between 54 and 60 percent of all new cars sold in the United States by 2030, with that figure rising to 64 to 67 percent of new car sales by 2032.”

Hello! That’s just nine years from now. Today, less than six percent of cars are electric. This is going to take quite a Soviet-style plan to come anywhere close to that goal.

The current 6% number of EV owners is pathetically low given that the government is bribing people with up to $7,500 to buy Teslas, etc. Uncle Sam is also guaranteeing free battery charging, providing tens of billions of subsidies to the battery producers, and offering primo parking spaces to EVs with charging stations at nearly every shopping center in America.

And people STILL aren’t buying them. The purpose of the new EPA regs is to simply regulate cars with combustible engines out of business by making the rules so stringent that car companies can’t comply. This is a de facto moratorium.

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