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Mass Transit Is a Dying Industry

Among the many wasteful and inefficient programs that Biden throws billions of taxpayer dollars at are public transit subsidies in large metro areas. Despite the hype, High-speed rail, light rail, and buses have been on their way out since the middle of the last century.

That’s the conclusion of our ace transportation expert Wendell Cox – who has just examined the most recent data on transit ridership.

It’s a disaster.

The percentage of Americans who use transit has dwindled down from 12% in 1960 to 3% today. Over that time period, the American workforce has roughly doubled.

We’ve said it one-thousand times: Americans love their cars. In almost every city – with the possible exception of New York and San Francisco – the shortest distance between two locations is in a car. Telecommuting has also surpassed transit as a way to get to work.

Within five years automated cars will be ubiquitous and cars will pull up in front of your house, apartment, or office, and whisk you away wherever you want to go.

The left hates all of this because cars symbolize mobility and freedom while mass transit is a form of transportation socialism.

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