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Meanwhile, New Dutch Government Ditching Climate Craziness

While America is speeding ahead toward a Net Zero climate change cliff (see above), many other nations are turning against Nanny State energy policies.

Take the Netherlands, whose 18 million people form perhaps the most educated and globalized electorate in the world. The Dutch swung to the right in elections a few months ago and the new government is scrapping green EU diktats.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph summarizes:

Electric car subsidies will be scrapped, while heat pumps will no longer be mandatory. ‘Red diesel’ a type of fuel used by farmers will be brought back, and restrictions on agriculture will be eased.

On energy, the Netherlands will switch to nuclear power, starting work on four new reactors, alongside encouraging fresh development of offshore gas production.

It will cut taxes for businesses, including a levy on share buybacks, while plans for a rise in the carbon tax will be cancelled.”

It’s sad and scary that we now have a government in Washington that is to the left of many European nations on environmental Marxism.

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