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Meanwhile, On The Left Coast, California Wants To Abolish Plastics

What is it with the left these days that they keep wanting to abolish things – from fossil fuels to cigarettes to guns to light bulbs to cars with combustible engines to…plastics?

Two weeks ago CA governor Gavin Newsom signed a law to sharply reduce the use of plastics in the state. This would apply to everything from water bottles to, grocery bags, containers, straws, and packaging. This is the state’s solution to the literally mounting garbage crisis that the politicians can’t solve.

The bill’s Senate sponsor Ben Allen says that this law ensures that California will “lead the nation and world in curbing the plastic crisis. Our planet cannot wait.”

For certain types of plastics, gushes Jay Ziegler with the Nature Conservancy, the law is a “de facto ban.”

The bill sets strict recycling requirements. Except that recycling requires huge amounts of energy, and sorry, Gavin, but you can’t get there with wind and solar power.

Any entity that fails to comply with the new law could face fines of up to $50,000 A DAY. And they scratch their heads and wonder day after day why businesses are leaving the state.

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