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Meet Nina Jankowicz: Biden’s New Speech Suppression Czar

By now nearly everyone knows about Biden’s Orwellian scheme to establish a “disinformation governance board” at the Department of Homeland Security, to police the Internet.“Disinformation,” of course, is defined as all and any views the left disagrees with.

Every day we learn more about Nina Jankowicz, the liberal loon academic who is slated to be the board’s new director. We urge you to view the Free Beacon’s lowlight reel of her outrageous utterances.

During a 2020 panel at MIT she actually said we should “be practicing informational distancing, in addition to social distancing, understanding that disinformation manipulates your emotions.” Seriously, where does Biden find these wackos?

On Sunday CNN’s Dana Bash bluntly asked Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas if he would be comfortable if Donald Trump created a disinformation board Mayorkas refused to answer. Why should he? We all know the answer.

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