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Argentina’s Milei Is Winning Over His Critics

We mentioned a few days ago that the shock therapy free market reforms of Argentina’s new free-market president Javier Milei are working.  Now even his critics are taking note of the progress.

Ian Bremmer, who runs a political risk research firm and hosts a PBS show, trashed Milei last fall predicting an “economic collapse coming imminently.”

To his credit, Bremmer now admits he was wrong and that Milei “deserves a round of applause.” He notes Argentina has seen its first budget surplus in over a decade, a slowdown in its sky-high inflation, and in the blue-chip swap market, the Argentine peso was the best-performing currency in the world in the first quarter of this year.

Its resource riches are now getting a serious look from foreign investors. The Argentine Congress is on the verge of passing a compromise version of Milei’s reforms.

Bremmer even admits that “a lot of media coverage of Milei really didn’t like him because he was a right-wing libertarian….They were knee jerk reacting to, this guy as an idiot.”

Bremmer concludes: “You know, I don’t think we should have such a problem with being wrong. And you only have a real problem with being wrong if you are so ideologically attached to what you were saying to begin with… Sometimes the world changes and so you change your mind.”

Britain’s Daily Telegraph adds: “Milei is already proving the global Left-wing economic establishment – addicted to bigger government and endless deficits – wrong. Indeed, it may provide a template for other countries to escape from zero growth.”

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