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“Moderate” House Democrats Walked The Plank…For Nothing

Just one month ago, House Democrats in swing districts begged Speaker Nancy Pelosi not to force them to vote for the now-dead Biden Govzilla bill. They feared a repeat of 1994 and 2010, when many Democrats voted for unpopular cap-and-trade bills that never cleared the Senate — then paid for it by losing their seats in the next election.

Now they are facing the same political bloodbath in 2022. Politico reports Republicans are already spending millions attacking them for their votes for trillions more spending and debt.

Now the 15 to 25 Democrats in seats that either voted for Donald Trump or are otherwise competitive are facing almost certain expulsion in November. Last month they had to support a tough vote in favor of billions of dollars for illegal immigrants, the SALT giveaway to billionaires, a 900% increase in OSHA fines, the news media bailout, 80,000 new IRS agents, and job-crushing business tax hikes. And all they got in return was a lousy Tee shirt.

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