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Moderate Winners Nudge San Francisco Away From Crazy

One of the disappointments in this election was that voters in heavily liberal areas didn’t shift en masse to throw out the progressive bums who’ve brought crime, the homeless, job-killing taxes, and regulation to toothier cities.

Not in New York or L.A. uggh.

But, there was a breakthrough in San Francisco, the original Crazy Town of U.S. politics. Since only 7 percent of city voters are Republicans, politics is fought between radical and moderate factions of the Democratic Party. The moderates made major gains.

Joel Engardio, who has been active in successful recalls of the city’s progressive school board and district attorney, defeated an incumbent progressive supervisor – the first incumbent to lose in over 20 years.

Brooke Jenkins, the new moderate District Attorney appointed by Mayor London Breed, won re-election. So too did two of Breed’s appointees to school board seats

Even cities once thought lost to common sense can find a way back with common sense messaging and locals who want to fight back.

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