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More Evidence that Democrats May Be Ready to Throw Biden Over the Side of the Bus

Just as we’ve been warning about for at least a year, the wolves inside the Democratic Party are circling around President Biden. Earlier this week both the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine ran what look like planted stories on Biden’s declining cognitive faculties. Hmm. Could this be a coincidence that these stories are raining down at a time when Biden’s head-to-head numbers against Trump are looking grim?

In the Time interview, Biden sounded incoherent. A few (out of many)  examples:

      • “And what I inherited, as a consequence of the mistake that we made in Afghanistan is a—was not a loss in Afghanistan, excuse my cold.”
      • “Pre-COVID prices are not the same as whether or not they—you have American, corporate America ripping off the public now.”
      • “I can do it better than anybody you know.  You’re looking at me, I can take you too.”  (On being asked if he was too old to be president).

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal news side added fuel to the fire with a story based on 45 White House insiders who say Biden is frequently incoherent:

This is happening at a time when our Democrat sources confirm that: Yes, panic is setting in among Democratic Party leaders. We sincerely hope that Biden can hold it together for the next five months.

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