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More Evidence That Drug Price Controls Are Dangerous to Your Health

We have to wonder, are Congress and Biden TRYING to kill people by delaying the introduction of new life-saving drugs and vaccines? Remember, the biggest “cost saver” in the Biden Inflation Acceleration Act was imposing price controls on patented drugs.

We now have yet another study — this one conducted by We Work for Health — a medical care research firm that examined the impact of drug price controls. It finds that over the next decade, more than 200 potentially life-saving treatments and therapies would be canceled or delayed because price caps drain the ability of drug manufacturers to make a profit.

The study examined what impact of the proposed SMARTS Act, which doubles down on drug price controls and puts American dominance in inventing new drugs at great risk. New treatments for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, stroke, heart disease, and arthritis would be put at risk. It would likely reverse any gains from the “Cancer Moonshot” Biden has been touting.

It’s simple. If you take profits out of drug research, you get less research – and fewer breakthrough drugs. The left is trying to cold cock the pharmaceutical industry just as they are doing to American energy.

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