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More than 300 State Legislators Sign Resolution Asking Congress to Extend Trump Tax Cuts

Bravo to our friends at ALEC for rallying state legislators from Connecticut to Idaho to endorse making the Trump tax cuts permanent. The directive highlights the positive impact of the 2017 tax cuts – including lowering the corporate tax rates from the highest in the world to below the international average.

Among the highlights of that bill:

      • Tax receipts rose to their highest levels ever.
      • The share of taxes paid by the rich rose to the highest level ever.
      • The United States repatriated roughly $1 trillion of capital from the rest of the world.
      • The black and Hispanic unemployment rates fell to the lowest levels in fifty years.
      • The average family saved roughly $1,500 on their taxes.
      • The percentage of Americans who itemized their deductions fell by roughly half.

Now Biden wants to repeal the whole law.

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