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Most Overrated and Most Underrated Political Figures of All Time

At the CTUP Christmas party this year we put this question to the team and board members:

Who are the most overrated and underrated politicians of all time?

We won’t disclose who said what, but here were some of the picks that we can remember in our somewhat inebriated state:

Most Overrated

      • Barack Obama (3 picks)
      • FDR (2 picks)
      • Alexander Hamilton
      • Nikki Haley
      • John McCain
      • Mitt Romney
      • Che Guevara
      • Arnold Schwarzenegger
Most Underrated

      • Calvin Coolidge (3 picks)*
      • Pope John Paul II (2 picks)
      • Donald Trump
      • Bill Clinton
      • Mark Sanford
      • Steve Forbes
      • Jimmy Carter (on regulation, it was specified, but there were groans)

* One of our board members is on the board of the Calvin Coolidge Foundation and we really believe that he should have recused himself from this vote!!

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