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Move in Chicago to Recall America’s Worst Mayor

Just as we predicted when ultra-leftist Brandon Jonson was elected mayor last year, Chicago continues to sink into despair and disorder. On Sunday, its popular Cinco de Mayo parade was canceled after shots were fired along the parade route.

Chaos reigns in the Windy City. Crime Is up, the city is awash in illegal migrants, and companies and residents continue to flee the city.

Voters are clearly having buyer’s remorse. He has the lowest approval rating of any first-term mayor in recent Chicago history.

There is now a move afoot to dismiss him before this term ends in 2027 – which would require a new law to recall the city’s mayor. It is an uphill struggle to get this on the ballot, but it has momentum. Johnson calls the effort a move by “extreme right-wing” forces who oppose “racial diversity” – a typical race-baiting charge of incompetent scoundrels.


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