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New Jersey Doesn’t Know What To Do With All The “Free Money” From Uncle Sam

This is another one of those stories you can’t make up. Last year Congress and the Biden administration gave New Jersey $6 billion of COVID money, but now the state can’t figure out how to spend it all, according to NJ Spotlight News, a Jersey-based newsletter, Democratic lawmakers in Trenton are “divvying up COVID-19 aid quickly and in private.” The state plans on spending the money on sewer systems, water projects, pre-kindergarten programs, and new computer software for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What does any of this have to do with fighting COVID?

Why in the world did the federal government which is $30 Trillion in debt pass out money it can’t afford to states that didn’t need it? And why didn’t Jersey do the stand-up thing and just send the extra money back to Washington?

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