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New Rules In California: You Can Charge Your EV, But You Can’t Use Air Conditioning Or Appliances

The government-induced energy crisis persists and is even getting worse.  More brownouts reported in San Diego in recent days.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. Last week poor Gavin Newsom – California’s Governor – became a national laughing stock when only a few days after he announced all cars bought and sold in CA after 2035 must be electric battery cars, he had to issue an order rationing electricity and asking residents “to avoid using large appliances and charging electric vehicles” from 4-9 pm.

But now all of a sudden in this week’s dictates from the Clean Power Alliance, the government-run utility in Los Angeles County, the rules have mysteriously changed. You can see from the notice to LA customers below there is no mention of cutting back on charging EVs!

So California power regulators don’t want you to air-condition your home, use washers and dryers, or vacuum cleaners, but no restrictions on electric car charging. We don’t have evidence of this, but we suspect that this order came down from the governor’s high command so that Greg Guttfeld and other late-night comics would stop making fun of him.

But Newsom just can’t help stop with the unforced errors.

In this video, Newsom seems to be breaking his own rules on setting the thermostat at 80 during the heat wave. Notice he’s wearing a fleece jacket while urging residents to conserve energy.

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