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New Zealand Abandons Its Fortress COVID Model

While we are on the subject of failed Covid policies, there is the story of New Zealand’s lockdown madness:

As an island nation, New Zealand thought it could pursue a “Zero Covid” policy and keep the virus out. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern turned the country into a “hermit kingdom” to the point that a group of more than 15,000 New Zealanders trapped abroad filed a pending lawsuit that claims the strict border controls violated human rights.

Kiwis accepted the draconian rules at first, but last month demonstrations broke out against them all over the country. Ardern finally caved this week as it became clear that COVID had penetrated Fortress New Zealand with some 15,000 new cases being reported every day. She has scrapped quarantine requirements for returning Kiwis, and controls on tourists will be phased out over the next six months.

These crazy policies may bring a regime change. A new poll shows her coalition government winning only 43 percent if a new election were held compared to 50 percent for the conservative opposition. Support for the libertarian ACT party has gone up by 50 percent.

Ironically, while New Zealand is finally welcoming tourists again, the U.S. State Department is warning Americans not to go there — because of the COVID risk!

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